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Macular Holes - Information for Patients

Retina Associates

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Cameron Javid and his colleagues, patients in Arizona can receive specialized eye care at Retina Associates of Tucson. Retina Associates focuses exclusively on retinal diseases and injuries, including macular holes.

A macular hole, as its name indicates, is a structural break in the area of the retina known as the macula. The macula is located centrally within the retina, the layer of tissue that receives light signals and transmits them to the brain. As the central point of this structure, the macula is responsible for sharpness and detail in the patient's central field of vision.
The macula connects to a gelatinous substance known as vitreous, which fills the eye in front of the retina. This substance shrinks and pulls away from the retina as a person ages. Sometimes, however, the vitreous fails to detach from the retina or leaves fibers behind as it recedes.
Either of these cases cause a pull on the retinal tissue. This causes the clear fluid that replaces the vitreous to leak onto the macula, where it distorts the central vision field. Without treatment most full thickness macular holes will progress to legal blindness within 2 years. After Macular hole surgery patients will require face down positioning at home for 3 days. Many years ago face down was required for 14 days. Dr. Javid is one of a small group of Retina Surgeons that use the latest techniques that do not require any face down positioning after surgery.

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