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Early Signs of Choroidal Melanomas

Retina Associates

Located in Tucson, Arizona, Retina Associates is a full time retina specialist led by Dr. Cameron Javid. The Retina Associates team is capable of addressing a broad range of issues impacting vision and overall eye health, including choroidal melanomas.

There are a number of intraocular tumors a person might develop. Choroidal melanomas, for example, rank as the most common primary malignant tumor in the eye, as well as the second most common primary malignant melanoma overall. In most cases, melanomas are detected over the course of a routine eye examination. However, there are a few symptoms that may indicate the presence of a choroidal melanoma.
Brief flashes of light, floating objects, and distorted vision are some of the more common symptoms of a choroidal melanoma. A person may also experience loss of vision. An irregular astigmatism may be the result of a melanoma that has formed near the eye’s lens, while melanomas developing at the center of vision can result in issues of farsightedness, and in some cases changes in color vision.
That said, patients must understand that choroidal melanomas typically have no symptoms whatsoever. A comprehensive approach to ocular health care is the single most effective method of detecting and treating a melanoma of the eye. When receiving an annual eye exam, individuals should discuss any changes in vision with their physician and, if necessary, undergo a dilated ophthalmoscopy.

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